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Our professional fee structure for executive search assignments is presented in a formal document and must be agreed to by the client before the work on an assignment commences.

Our fees are determined by such factors as:

  • the level of the position to be filled
  • the anticipated difficulties in finding and attracting the right candidate
  • the time required to bring about the solution
  • the geographical area to be investigated

The fee is payable in several instalments over the active period of the search, normally spanning three to four months. Assignment expenses, e.g. for travels by candidates and the consultant(s) concerned, are budgeted beforehand in each case and billed separately.


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Search vs Recruitment

Retained executive search firms, like Deros International, are firms paid a retainer by companies who wish to recruit a specific person for a specific position.They are driven by their specific assignments for their clients: they find people for roles, not roles for people.