Professional Ethics


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Our consultants and other staff members adhere to a strict code of professional ethics:

  • Information received from clients is treated with the utmost care and discretion and will not be divulged without the approval of the appropriate party
  • The identity of clients and candidates is never revealed without prior consent
  • The number of clients in any industry is limited and similar assignments for competing companies are not accepted at the same point in time in the same country
  • Executives and staff of client companies are not approached for at least a 12 month period after the completion of the last assignment undertaken for the client
  • Only those executive search assignments will be accepted that in our view can be solved in a cost effective way through our systematic approach
  • We always continue to work on an assignment until a satisfactory solution to the problem has been found
  • We guarantee our client a replacement if a hired candidate leaves within an agreed guaranteed period
  • We only charge to our clients those assignment expenses that can justifiably be referred to a specific assignment

Commission payments to client executives are never offered nor agreed. Commission payments from potential candidates are not accepted.


Ethic is our priority.


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Search vs Recruitment

Retained executive search firms, like Deros International, are firms paid a retainer by companies who wish to recruit a specific person for a specific position.They are driven by their specific assignments for their clients: they find people for roles, not roles for people.