Executive Search Process

deros international fees Our method of systematic search for and evaluation of executives and specialists consists of three phases. Each of these phases includes several steps aimed at finding, attracting and retaining the interest of the “right person” for the position in question. In our contacts with the candidates the client remains anonymous and is identified only later in the process.

The Analytical Phase

  • Establish the role's exact positioning in the organisation and the areas of responsibility that it covers.
  • Discuss the specific educational and professional qualifications required as well as the industrial or institutional experience necessary to succeed in the position.
  • Factors such as nationality, age, language, requirements, and personality are also covered.
  • Grasp the culture of the company, its structure, the management approach, and the short and long-term strategy.
  • Develop a full description of the situation as we have understood it and also elaborate detailed specifications for the position and its essential requirements.
  • Upon our client’s approval, these specifications will form the basis for our search strategy to find, evaluate and present relevant candidates.

The Search and Evaluation Phase

  • A systematic search will be undertaken in order to identify those candidates who are considered most likely to have the capabilities required.
  • Those identified will be contacted, interviewed and assessed against the agreed specifications.
  • The most suitable candidates are selected and confidential reports, covering their personal profiles, education and professional experience as well as our assessment of them in relation to the position.
  • These reports will be discussed with our client and a short-list of candidates will be selected and invited to one or more interviews.

The Presentation Phase

  • Our consultant will be present at the first presentation of the selected candidates.
  • After the presentations, thorough reference checks will be made of the candidate(s) retained.
  • If our client wishes, we will assist in the discussions with the successful candidate concerning salary and other conditions of employment.
  • After the employment of the successful candidate, we will follow up on his or her performance with both the client and the person appointed during a minimum period of six months.


This is it: Finding, Attracting and Retaining the right person.


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Search vs Recruitment

Retained executive search firms, like Deros International, are firms paid a retainer by companies who wish to recruit a specific person for a specific position.They are driven by their specific assignments for their clients: they find people for roles, not roles for people.